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Spa like master bathroom renovation featuring marble slabs, custom gray standalone bathtub, dual vanaities.
Custom travertine lined bathtub in renovated bathroom with floating vanity.

Welcome to Remodel PNW, your go-to destination for premier bathroom remodeling services in Olympia and Western Washington. Unleash the full potential of your bathroom with our expert design and renovation solutions.

Gorgeous stand alone bath with brushed nickel tubfiller in front of odern see through fireplace and iron doors.

Elevate Your Bathroom Experience with Remodel PNW in Olympia and Western Washington

Why Choose Remodel PNW for Your Bathroom Transformation?

1. Customized Designs:

Our skilled team specializes in creating personalized bathroom designs tailored to your preferences. Whether you seek a spa-like retreat or a modern, functional space, we bring your vision to life.

2. Craftsmanship Excellence:

Experience the highest level of craftsmanship with Remodel PNW. Our dedicated professionals ensure precision and attention to detail, guaranteeing a bathroom that combines style and durability.

3. Cutting-Edge Innovations:

Stay ahead of the curve with our innovative solutions. We integrate the latest trends and technologies into our designs, ensuring your bathroom is not only stylish but also equipped with modern amenities.

4. Transparent Process:

At Remodel PNW, transparency is paramount. From the initial consultation to project completion, we keep you informed every step of the way. No hidden surprises – just a beautifully transformed bathroom.

Custom iron and glass shower enclosure in bathroom designed by Remodel PNW.
Custom ebony wood look bath in front of paneled ebony walls and huge ironwork window.
Eclectic traditional bathroom renovation in Seattle loft with asymetrical bathtub and marble and chrome double sink.
Custom natural maple vanities and floors in modern gray tiled bathroom in Bellingham.

Our Bathroom Remodeling Services in

Olympia and Western Washington

1. Luxurious Shower and Tub Installations:

Upgrade your bathing experience with our luxurious shower and tub installations. Choose from a range of styles and materials to create the perfect oasis.

2. Elegant Vanity and Storage Solutions:

Maximize functionality and style with our curated selection of vanities and storage solutions. Transform your bathroom into a clutter-free haven.

3. Flooring and Tile Designs:

Elevate the aesthetics with our flooring and tile designs. From classic to contemporary, we offer a wide array of options to suit your taste.

4. Energy-Efficient Fixtures:

Embrace sustainability with our energy-efficient fixtures. Save on utility costs while contributing to a greener environment.

Fully tiled white walls with glass walk in shower and dark oak vanity drawers.
Traditional beach house guest bathroom with claw foot tub and beadboard walls.

Embark on Your Bathroom Remodeling Journey Today

Ready to redefine your bathroom space? Contact Remodel PNW for a consultation and let us bring your dream bathroom to life. Serving Olympia and Western Washington, we are committed to delivering excellence and ensuring your satisfaction at every turn.

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